Capacity Development

In order to monitor the state of urban health, accountability People, organizations, and society as a whole are all involved in the process of capacity development, which may be defined as the developing, strengthening, creating, adapting, and maintaining of capabilities over time. BUHN works towards improving the capacity of civil society organizations, development organizations, and other relevant stakeholders. They organize workshops, seminars and events to raise awareness on urban health. Through their network, they advocate the importance of urban health among government, civil society and non-government organizations.

Furthermore, training is provided by BUHN to low-income urban residents, particularly those who live in slums located within urban areas. It offers workshops, short courses, and programs that are geared at participants of all ages and skill levels, with a particular emphasis on young adults, children, and women. Topics of these workshops include health safety, nutrition, hygiene, immunization and so on. It will contribute to the development of safer and healthier communities across all of Bangladesh's urban areas.