Story of Abdul Karim

My name is Abdul Karim. I turned 50 this year. I work for a tiny company. Every day I take the bus to and from work and home. I've been following this regimen for a while now. But I was unaware of how my everyday drive was deteriorating my health over time.

The city of Dhaka has high levels of air pollution. Dust, smog, and vehicle exhaust are to blame for the air's toxicity. Breathing is difficult for me due to pollution. I frequently experience suffocation while riding in buses due to the dense air within. My eyes frequently itch and burn, and my throat feels scratchy.

The ill effects of Dhaka's polluted air on people's health can take many different forms. I've been experiencing headaches, am always exhausted, and frequently feel as though my chest is heavy. Long-term exposure to pollution carries hazards, including the development of lung cancer, heart disease, or a stroke, according to my doctor.

The strain of living in a metropolis like Dhaka is also having an impact on my mental health. The city's commotion, bustle, and noise can occasionally become overwhelming. Even when I'm not working, I frequently experience tension and anxiety. Lack of greenery and clean air exacerbates my issues and makes it difficult for me to relax and find tranquility. 

We need more trees in Dhaka. My wife has some flower plants and small vegetables in our balcony. She is very fond of gardening. I try to help her as much as I can. When I sit in the balcony, I feel relaxed and peaceful. Everyone should do it in my opinion. This way, we can reduce air pollution.

In conclusion, there are a number of ways that living in Dhaka is hazardous for my health. The impacts of the pollution, stress, and inadequate amenities are starting to manifest in my body and mind. I wear a mask and frequently leave the city because I'm concerned about the long-term repercussions and try to protect myself as much as I can. However, I am aware that the only effective approach is to reduce city pollution and improve living conditions for Dhaka residents as a whole.