Advisory Committee

Responsibilities of the Advisory Committee (AC)

The Advisory Committee (AC) of the BUHN will meet once in every quarter. They will support the secretariat of BUHN through advising on the activities plan, strategy and policy. They will work as an advisory body and make sure that BUHN's operations run smoothly. This is a voluntary engagement to support BUHN> The member of AC’s responsibilities are included- 

  • The AC shall advise the proper implementation of BUHN’s activities for promotion of urban health in Bangladesh.
  • The AC shall be overseeing the network activities by providing advice on policy, risk management, strategy, investments, and others.
  • The AC shall advise on the strategies of the network so that they are aligned with the interest of the urban health of Bangladesh.
  • The AC shall work as an advisor of communication medium between the government, stakeholders, management and secretariat.
  • The AC shall support EC and secretariat to mobilize resources for BUHN activities including advocacy, conference, research, training etc
  • The AC shall guide to develop plans for development policies in areas like human resources, the environment, security, and government rules.

The AC will represent of BUHN to government, international forum and agencies to increase the credibility of BUHN and its members.