Knowledge Exchange

By acting as a knowledge mediator on evidence-based urban health policy and practice, BUHN hopes to contribute to the process of bridging the gap that exists between knowledge and action.

In many instances pertaining to urban health issues and their control, we are aware of what works. We have public policies that are evidence-based and are based on cost-effective interventions in the healthcare system. On the other hand, improvement at the national level is still sporadic and uneven, in part because of the insufficient application of the aforementioned knowledge. Because we are a network, we have access to a vast amount of information and best practices pertaining to urban health that come from all over the world.

We will offer ways that are unparalleled in the industry to promote and communicate information to policy makers as well as activists. We regularly bring together members of the global urban health community, and as a result, we are in an excellent position to catalyze discourse across many sectors and to develop consensus on important topics. In its capacity as a national thought leader on urban health policy and practice, BUHN has a significant role to play in the field.