Story of Mahafujur Rahman

My name is Mahafujur Rahman. I’m 24 years old. I am currently in the final of my bachelor’s at North-South University. I along with some of my friends stay in an apartment in the Bashundhara residential area. We have a housekeeper who cooks and cleans for us.

Last month (October), I fell ill and caught a fever. At first, it seemed to me that it was just a normal seasonal fever. However, after 4 days, the fever did not go away. I was vomiting and my head was spinning. I had a lot of pain in my joints and did not have any strength in my body. Then I became a bit scared. So I went to the doctor. After a thorough checkup, he said that it was Dengue.

I got admitted to a private hospital. I had to stay there for a week. It was quite expensive, to be honest. I came back home after recovering. After coming back, I heard the news that shocked me. Our housekeeper’s son had died from Dengue. He was only 14 years old.

Life is so uncertain and cruel at times. I was so fortunate that I recovered successfully from the fever. However, that boy had to suffer so much before his little body gave up. His mother could not take him to the doctor timely. Before she could realize that it was Dengue, it was already too late.

In the Bashundhara residential area, the prevalence of mosquitoes is very high. Sometimes, they bite at daylight. And when the sun goes down, it feels like a swarm of mosquitos is around you all the time. We close all our windows before the evening. But there are so many mosquitos that one small gap is enough for hundreds of mosquitos to enter.

I think the city corporation needs to heavily focus on their mosquito extinction activities in our area. The smoke guns that they use hardly do anything. Sometimes I wonder whether those guns contain any medicine at all. Individually, we have to play our roles as well. I think increasing awareness is key to reducing fatalities by Dengue. We should be very responsible and conscious about going to the doctor if we get a fever, especially during the Dengue season.