Story of Israfil Ahmed

My name is Israfil Ahmed. I live in the Kamrangirchar slum in Dhaka. I am a rickshaw puller, and I work hard to earn a living for myself and my family. I am originally from the Kurigram district, but I came to Dhaka to find work.

Life in the slum is tough. The food here is not very good, and I feel my body getting weaker every day. I think it's because the food is full of chemicals. Also, Kamrangirchar is a very dirty place. There are piles of garbage everywhere, which makes it hard to breathe. Sometimes, it even makes me feel sick.

One of the biggest problems we face is the lack of clean water and toilets. We have to share a communal toilet with 30-40 other people, and it's always dirty. This makes us more vulnerable to diseases. I feel tired all the time, but I cannot take a rest because I have to work to make a living.

Many of my friends and neighbors in the slum suffer from various health issues like diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid fever. They can't afford to see a doctor, so most of them go to pharmacies and buy medicine. It breaks my heart to see them suffer like this.

I think the government should do more to help people like us. They should provide us with clean water and toilets, and they should also make sure the food we eat is safe. It's not just about us rickshaw pullers, but all the people living in the slums. We deserve to live a healthy life too.

Despite all the challenges, I try to stay positive and hopeful. I hope that someday things will get better for us. But for now, I'll keep working hard and taking care of myself and my family as best I can.