The Story of Suvas Barman

The Story of Suvas Barman

Suvas Barman, a 30-year-old migrant man from Dinapur who is working as a security guard in Dhaka City, expressed his challenges regarding seeking healthcare services from facilities. Dhaka, the bustling capital of Bangladesh, is a hub of opportunities and challenges, especially for young migrants like him. He moved alone to Dhaka from a rural village of Dinajpur to provide his family with a better life.

He arrived in the city with dreams of employment but also brought with him bigger expectations regarding healthcare services and access to the facilities in urban Dhaka. His initial expectations of the urban health system were influenced by stories that heard from other migrants in his village. He believed that in the city, healthcare would be more accessible, advanced, and affordable than in his village. He expected to bring his sick parents to Dhaka for better treatment. However, Suvas quickly realized that his expectations did not match the reality at all. The city's crowded healthcare facilities, long waiting times, and high costs left him frustrated and anxious.

“The nearest government hospital to my workplace is always overcrowded and understaffed. It leads to long waiting times and inadequate treatment. Private healthcare facilities are beyond my financial means. Therefore, I have to depend on pharmacies that often administer ineffective treatments. What is the remedy for this suffering? Is there anyone who thinks about migrants like me who come to Dhaka city with hopes for a better life?”

Many barriers compounded his difficulties in accessing healthcare services from both public and private facilities. Along with that, he realized that Dhaka city faces numerous health-related issues, including air pollution, inadequate sanitation, limited access to healthcare services, and high levels of poverty, which are vivid for migrants like him.

While talking to him, he wanted BUHN to convey his hopes for a better urban health system that will better serve migrants like him, offering equitable and affordable healthcare services. Despite the setbacks, he is hopeful that the urban health system in Dhaka will adapt and evolve to meet the needs of its diverse population, ensuring that migrants like Suvas.