Story of Mukta Begum

I'm Mukta Begum, 31 years old. Living close to Mohammadpur in the slum of Bosilla. To support my 5-year-old son and rickshaw-pulling husband, I work as a housekeeper. Even though it's difficult to make a living here, we make the most of our limited resources.

The issue is that both my family and I get frequently ill. One of us seems to be sick with a cold, fever, or diarrhea every other week. Additionally, I've noticed that my son gets sick a lot, and it pains me to see her suffering. Although I would like to help her more, I am unable to pay for her medical care.

I believe that the lack of good, clean places to live in the slum is causing our health to deteriorate. We don't have much room to move around in our cramped, compact abode. I'm concerned about the impact it's having on our health because the air is strongly scented with sewage and rubbish.

Another significant issue is food. No matter how hard we try, we simply cannot afford to eat ourselves healthily. Because we can't acquire good food, our health is getting worse, especially that of my son, who is still growing and maturing.

We also don't get nearly enough sleep. We are constantly at work. Since my husband pulls rickshaws, he puts in long hours, and I frequently have to work into the night to make ends meet. It is exhausting, and I worry that it is detrimental to our health. My joints hurt, and I have headaches all the time.

In conclusion, I believe that because we lack access to wholesome food and a safe place to live, and adequate rest, our health is deteriorating. I hope we could afford to move to a better neighborhood with healthy food and clean air. I'm hoping that one day the government will take note of how miserable life is in slums like ours and do something to improve things for people like us.